We make Quality Tomato Powder

Dani agro’s first product on the market is tomato powder the first of its kind on the Ugandan market. The powder is carefully processed to maximize aroma, taste and nutrient retention while minimizing agro chemical contamination. The product has similar nutrition value to fresh tomatoes since it’s simply tomatoes in a powdered and concentrated form. The product already acquired the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) Quality mark and is available at different outlets including supermarkets and increasingly becoming the favorite for large tomato consumers such as restaurants and schools around the country.

Four key production and consumption challenges formed the opportunity basis for this product:

  • High perishability of tomato leading to high post harvest losses from farm to fork
  • Heavy pesticide contamination on fresh tomato and excessive exposure of farmers, consumers and environment to pesticides
  • Wide seasonal price fluctuation leading to loss of capital by farmers and vulnerability of value chain segments
  • Inconvenience of storing fresh tomato by the consumer

The company’s production and processing standard operating procedures (SOPs) are focused on putting a product on the market that is free of pesticide contamination and additives but also with a much longer shelf life. The company plans to transit from promoting judicious and well-controlled pesticides use by farmers to the use of safer and more environmentally friendly bio-based agro-inputs. The product is convenient, safe, stable after opening, and time-saving.

People Love us.

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